This Day Needs a "Do Over"!

This Day Needs a "Do Over"!

This Day Needs a "Do Over"!

Today started out great and then I got this email from a friend's 25 year old grand daughter.

First off in the title of the Email I saw the words Baby Boomer. For a half second I thought why is she sending this to me? I had a brief brain cramp thinking my parents were BB instead of The Greatest Generation. For you youngsters BB were born between 1945 and 1964. OK I qualify. So then I read the full title with more comprehension. "40 Things You Won't Believe Baby Boomers Still Do". The day is starting to slide south.

 You can click the picture if you would like to see the entire list but I need to share a couple of the ones that cut a little too close to home. 
  1. Throw Pillows - I love pillows they're so decorative!
  2. Nic Knacks - They take up unnecessary space and they're difficult to keep clean?
  3. China - Why do you need two sets of dishes and you have to put it in some huge ridiculous piece of furniture?
  4. Diamonds - Give mine up? Never! Sorry I didn't know about the Slave Trade until years later.
  5. Lastly, I can't take any more. Potpourri - Who wants to have a house full of dead flowers. Plug in an air freshener and be done with it.

I hope you'll read the rest of them and let me know if there are ANY on the list that you're not guilty of? I loved the one about sending out an email for something other than business. Technically this is a Newsletter/Blog but it does come in an email....

So I suggested a do over! Here it is: World's oldest supermodel Carmen Dell'Orefice poses at age 91.

I hope this makes you feel better too!

Two new looks today. Like? Click Pics for more details.


There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

Let's Chat Soon,

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