This is a Departure for Me!

This is a Departure for Me!

This is a Departure for Me!

I was scanning the Internet for this week's blog when I came upon this article about grapefruit. As one who used to LOVE grapefruit I had to read it. This sentence really caught my attention:

 "The grapefruit is actually one of the most destructive foes of modern medicine in the entire food world."

Yikes! Then it went on to say that the population that really needs this info are people over 50 and take 1 or more prescription drugs a day. Double Yikes! Demographics of my readers.

So today, I will give you the back story 
HERE if you don't already know of the dangers of grapefruit. (Note: This is a long article so scroll to the bottom for the medical details.)

Here’s a brief and incomplete list of some of the medications that research indicates get screwed up by grapefruit:

  • Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium)

  • Amphetamines (Adderall and Ritalin)

  • Anti-anxiety SSRIs (Zoloft and Paxil)

  • Cholesterol-lowering statins (Lipitor and Crestor)

  • Erectile-dysfunction drugs (Cialis and Viagra)

  • Various over-the-counter meds (Tylenol, Allegra, and Prilosec)

  • And about a hundred others

It's hard to come back from this story with some humor but here goes. You'll note in the beginning of this missive I mentioned that I used to LOVE Grapefruit until.... I have mentioned many times that I was chubby as a child. My beautiful svelte 5'2 mother just could not understand how she could have such a large daughter. So when I turned 12, Mom said it's time for the Grapefruit Diet. Three times a day I would have a hard boiled egg and a grapefruit. Blessedly it worked and I still love eggs but it was the end for any form of Grapefruit. So bless Mom's heart, she was looking out for me all those many years ago. Thanks Mom!

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