This Is a Humorous About Face!

This Is a Humorous About Face!

This Is a Humorous About Face!
My Hometown is getting SLAMMED with snow....
because of this I started this email about a terrible snow storm we had in the early 60s. We had a snow drift the enveloped the entire front of our house. This is sort of how it looked.

My folks were worried about food and how long this would last but I knew we had enough spam and baked beans to last until summer. 
All my brother and I wanted to do is get out and play in the snow. We ended up crawling out of my bedroom window as all the doors were blocked. After a tremendous day of making snowman after snowman we sat down to a dinner of spam and beans (told ya!)

This is when I asked my Dad why there weren't any snow woman? Early Libber?  He said there was no reason. So the next day I went about making a snow woman. Bless Dad's heart he whispered a great tip - start with a garbage can and cover it with snow to be a skirt! Brilliant! 

It would have looked something like this.
Remember Catching Hell for Using Mom's Good Table Cloth

Looking for this image is how I got sidetracked and thought I would share what else I found. So very creative!
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