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This is astonishing!!!!

Carol Tenwalde

My Cousin Tom in Ohio.....

sent me these amazing photos of the Cicada infestation at a wedding they attended in the Midwest. If you click the pictures you will be connected to an astonishing time lapse video. What a story. I had no idea. Did you?

Here is the brief back story in case you didn't watch the video.

A good piece of art makes you appreciate what it means to be alive, and Indiana-based cinematographer Samuel Orr’s spectacular short film about cicadas does just that.

In order to make the video, Orr, a 42-year-old natural history filmmaker and time-lapse photographer, told The Huffington Post he’s spent the past six years filming more than 200 hours of cicadas in various stages of their life cycles in a handful of mid-western states.

Oh NO! Hot off the presses. I just saw this article that Cicadas are EDIBLE! Click HERE for more recipes!

Cicada Chocolate Popcorn!

Here are some new designs. Like?


There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

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