This is Creativity at its Finest!

This is Creativity at its Finest!

This is Creativity at its Finest!

I've always wanted to have a party....

where everyone wore what they wished they had worn to their wedding. After reading this interesting article I still might.

English printmaker Hester Cox knew she didn’t want a traditional white dress for her North Yorkshire wedding in 2016.  So Cox chose something different: a dress made from silk escape maps of Scandinavia dating back to the 1940s.

During the second World War, MI9 inventor Christopher Clayton Hutton created these silk maps, which were used for escape and evasion. They became invaluable tools for Allied forces shot down or taken as prisoners of war in Europe and the Pacific. 

The really interesting part is Hutton went to his friend who manufactured Monopoly Boards. In a private room in the factory a small cadre of employees rejiggered the game boards—punching small compartments into them, hiding the tiny tools and compasses invaluable for escaping prisoner of war camps and covering the hole with a game space decal. Giving new meaning to "Get Out of Jail Free". It is also interesting to note the Germans never caught on to the Monopoly Boards that were in every POW Camp.

The maps each soldier carried were durable against the outdoor elements and could be easily hidden in a jacket or boot. (And, of course, they were silent when unfolded.) Hundreds of thousands of maps produced in Great Britain and the United States aided in some 750 escapes. They also represent wartime creativity when resources are scarce. (During the same period, Maidenform made bras for carrier pigeons to keep them contained against paratroopers'chests as they fell from the sky.) 

You can read the full story HERE but look at the beautiful wedding dress Hester had made for her:

I just got these Seafoam Green Bubbles. Aren't they pretty? I think it would look great with this dress? Click Pic for more details.

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

Be Safe and Let's Chat Soon,

PS If you know of anyone who might enjoy this romp, please sign them up HERE!


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