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This is SO not Fishy!!!!

Carol Tenwalde

Being a Lick we had Fish every Friday....

A Lick is short for Catholic in my neck of the Ohio woods. My Grandmother made the BEST Fish and Chips. We always thought she was so adept at it because she was British even though she was born in Ohio.

Would you believe that Fried Fish actually dates back to the 8th Century and not in England but Portugal? It turns out that Sephardic Jews would fry the lightly battered fish on Friday nights to prepare for the Sabbath as the Mosaic laws prohibited cooking on Saturday. Allegedly, the batter preserved the fish so it could be eaten cold and without sacrificing too much flavor the following day.

The Inquisition caused may Jews to move to England and they brought their method of frying fish with them. Fish prepared “in the Jewish manner” was sold on the streets of London on any given day. 

Click the pic above if you want to know how Spuds got involved!

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