This is SOOOO rich!

This is SOOOO rich!

This is SOOOO rich!

Do you ever read a sentence and just assume you know where it is going?

I was reading an article about the Virginia Tobacco Company "importing" women from England in 1621 to Chesapeake Bay for their skills in ----. Wait for it! What comes to your mind first? How many of you chose BREWING? It turns out that Englander's did not like the taste of water and they thought drinking it was only for the poor so they drank tons of alcohol instead. So what is the problem? It turns out brewing was women's work and none of the men knew how it was done. So much for Necessity is the Mother of Invention! You'd think they would have figured it out but they chose to kill a bunch of birds with one stone. The second problem behind lack of alcohol was loneliness. 

I loved this quote found near water pumps: Death to him who drinks quickly!  You can read the whole fascinating story HERE. I particularly enjoyed how they made beer without wheat or hops. I also found it ironic that once brewing became commercialized women were excluded from the process. HA!

Getting ready for Hidden in the Hills in Nov. and the Holidays, I made the following: (Click Pic for Details)


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Carolyn with August Brock Fashions

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There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

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