Twisted Sister Custom Necklace Give Away!

Twisted Sister Custom Necklace Give Away!

Twisted Sister Custom Necklace Give Away!

This is and interesting writing approach.....

The other day I was on a bus trip to Phoenix's Heard Museum. (Great museum BTW) Cheryl, the lady next to me was very interesting and she gave me an idea. She is a fiction writer and I asked her how she got her story line ideas and she told me that they come from the people she meets. She then told me that I had given her an idea for one of her new characters she is writing about. After that we were off to the races! I told her how many of my weekly blogs come from people I meet etc.

So what does this have to do with you? Well, I read this mystery story about a grave in Germany that has fresh flowers placed on the grave marker every day for the last 150 years and no one knows who does it. You can read the full story HERE so you can glean every morsel of information but I want you to suggest who might be keeping this tradition alive. Pun intended.

My new friend Cheryl and another writer friend Charlie and I will judge the winner. Prize is a custom made Twisted Sister in the Colors and Style of your choice. $100+ Value. Just email me back your story line! Good Luck!!!  


Some New Sari Designs: 


Visit me at:  for lots more examples.

Let's chat again soon! 
Please sign up your friends HERE!

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