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We Get "When Life Gives You Lemons... But Oranges?

Carol Tenwalde

Experts say to be successful selling online you must start with an unusual product.

Lord knows I have tried but this artist has taken unusual to the limits. If I asked you to rattle off 50 different types of artists, you would absolutly have no trouble. But I was floored by this one. Wait for it... Yoshihiro Okada is a Citrus Peel Artist. You heard me right. Here is just one example:

I hope you will watch the video to see how he does it. Click HERE. Turns out Yoshihiro isn't the first but that is a whole other story dating back to 1899.
I have used the Citrus Inspiration to create the following. Please let me know what you think!!!!


Let's chat soon,


PS If you know of anyone who might enjoy this romp, please sign them up HERE!

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