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What Color Starts Your Day????

Carol Tenwalde

I ran into an artist friend of mine and we got to talking about color. As a lover of color, I was interested to find her days are governed by what colors she sees each morning before she arises from bed. So I joked if she sees green does that mean she needs to find a job? Not laughing she said no but it might be time to pay some bills. Well that shut me up and caused me to think about Picasso's Celebrated Blue Period and why he was in it for four years.

It turns out he was mourning the suicide of his best friend Carlos Casagemas. Slowly his Blue Period moved on to his Rose Period.

Which brings me to my own Celebrated Pink Period. Which I have to admit has lasted over 40 years but I can't help myself as I love PINK!!!! Pink makes me smile. So my artist friend tells me I need to move to Lake Torrevieja in Spain.



Now this is my New Heaven. BTW The Bubblegum color is caused by bacteria and algae. It also makes the Flamingos Pink!
So, of course I made some pink jewelry to go along with my Celebrated Pink Period.



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