What do Elvis and I have in common?

What do Elvis and I have in common?

What do Elvis and I have in common?

Last Week I Wrote About How my Facebook Friends Hurt My Feelings!

Today I have some redemption. In my email I mentioned how many of my favorite childhood foods were listed on FB as foods adults wouldn't consider eating today. Well, I was rewarded to know that the King flew from Memphis to Denver to have one of my favorite combinations.

It is made with a jar’s worth of blueberry jam, a jar’s worth of peanut butter and an entire pound of bacon. The novelty item, served at the now-defunct Colorado Mine Company in Denver was known as the “Fool’s Gold.” It cost $49.95 and was served in an entire hollowed-out loaf of bread.


I dare you to try it! (I would recommend adjusting the proportions though!)


Honoring Rock and Roll, I made some jewelry with Rocks!



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  • Pam: May 21, 2018

    ANYTHING to do with Elvis deserves 2 thumbs up!! :)

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