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What do you mean you don't know how? Look it up on YouTube!

Carol Tenwalde

Recently I received a call from a friend wanting me to help her daughter design a butterfly dress for a recent play she is starring in. I reluctantly agreed as I hate to sew. I am not a costumer etc and the daughter already knows what she wants. (Always ends badly!) So I meet with her and she asks me if I could copy this designer dress?

Great looking dress BUT.... So I tell her I don't have a clue were to begin. Wait for it.... She says, "No problem just look it up on YouTube." At this point I am glad she is not my daughter as I would now be in jail for God knows how many crimes. But after I calmed down and stopped licking my "people are taking me for granted wounds", I actually laughed because it is such a generational thing. Back in my day if Dad couldn't make it or fix it we would forget about it but today YouTube is your go to app. So to prove my point I received this amazing article from one of my readers, Gail. I think you will really like this.

Costume designer repairs butterfly's torn wing

You can read the full story by clicking the above but here is the gist:

Romy McCloskey, raises butterflies.
Romy's Cat likes to play with the cocoons.
Cocoon was damage.
Butterfly was born damaged.

Romy goes to YouTube for How to Repair and Assembles Operation Room:

YouTube to the rescue:

How is that for a Feel Good Story? Thanks Gail. Would love to hear from you too! Don't miss my Valentine Love Sale:


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