What does your name really mean?

What does your name really mean?

What does your name really mean?

When you grow up with a last name like I have, you get use to everyone saying Huh? When I was teaching, I was glad I could spell it out on my hands: Ten (Hold Up 10 Fingers) Wal (Point to a Wall) D (Make the Letter D). But when I entered the business world I was really stuck. Didn't want to do the Teacher charade. When I was selling thousands of dollars of equipment to corporate America, I wasn't about to tell them the Dutch translation was "Road to the Dense Forest" being blonde an all!

 So having this history with my name, I particularly enjoyed this piece about Miss Piggy's name.

Not unlike Madonna, Lady Gaga, and other world-famous divas, Miss Piggy has never deigned to use her full name among us mere mortals. If she had, more of us might know that her first name is actually short for “Pigathius,” which comes from a Greek word supposedly meaning “river of passion.” Given her tumultuous love affair with a certain green frog, it’s more than fitting. Her last name, meanwhile, is Lee, which Muppets creator Jim Henson referenced in a 1974 note describing her as “delicate and lovely” (accurate). 

A note also revealed her original love interest: Hamilton Pigg, who, despite belonging to the same species, is also “cigar smoking — the epitome of grossness,” according to Henson. It’s no wonder their romance didn’t last as long as that of Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog. The two have been the most famous Muppet's for decades, appearing in all manner of TV shows, movies, and even theme park attractions together.  So now you know the rest of the story! Kisses to Miss Piggy!

True Confession? I always loved Miss Piggy because she wore JEWELRY!!!

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