What kind of person are you?

What kind of person are you?

What kind of person are you?

Picasso often asked?

“Do you complain because roses have thorns or do you rejoice because thorns have roses." This all got started after a trip to Safeway and I noticed that there were an excess number of green rose bouquets. I thought this was odd because we are no where near St. Patty's Day. It got me thinking why would you want a green rose?

Well it turns out that the Green Rose has quite the history. The green rose made its appearance in the 18th century. There is a big possibility that its origin is from China. It is evident in some old Chinese paintings that exist. It used to be the rose that only the Emperors had and no one else was allowed to grow it anywhere else.
In 1856 the first country that offered the green rose for sale was the United Kingdom. This beautiful plant is asexual. This means that it can’t pollen or even set hips. You can’t hybridize it because it has no pollen. That is what makes it so unique and one of a kind.  Think about it, how did this rose survive hundreds of thousands of years if it can only be replicated via a cutting? It is also known by the name of Rosa Chinensis Virdifora.

The first thing you will notice is it doesn't have petals like we know instead it has sepals. They protects the bud as it opens. These roses have become very popular with gardeners here in the US.  If you're a gardener, I would love to hear from you if you have grown this beauty!

So I have to tell you a funny, most people when they see or receive roses it brings back joyous memories like Weddings, Love and Birthdays not me.  It's Catfish! Yep, no getting around it. My Dad, Bob had a spectacular rose garden. He loved, loved, loved his roses. Each bush was pruned and manicured to perfection. Okay, Carol get to the Catfish! Every Spring he would announce to my brother and me that it was Rose Day and we are not talking Rose Bowl Parade. My Dad believed that the secret to his rose success was burying a catfish next to every bush. Trust me that called for a load of Catfish. Dad would load us up with tons of night crawlers to go fishing at the river and we couldn't come home until the right number was caught. Because we had to catch so many Dad refused to put the worm on my hook. ICK! Needless to say I haven't fished since but I still love roses!

Here are some new designs. Like?


There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

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