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What Might Happen If You Said YES????

Carol Tenwalde

Remember when you were empowered to say "NO"?

Back in the late nineties, Dr. Phil and every therapist worth their salt stressed the importance of saying "No". 
As I remember it, women young and old were encouraged to learn the power of saying "No". I for one was never a big fan. Truth be told, I am married to Dr. No so two "No" sayers in the house didn't have much appeal for me. In retrospect, it's kind of funny that saying "No" was so encouraged. I can remember in professional selling courses the instructors always said you must move the client to saying "Yes" as quickly as possible. "Yes", creates positive momentum etc. So this got me thinking.  OH NO!!!

What if you flipped the script? What might happen if you were to say yes to everything (within reason, people) for a month. Well I am 3 weeks into it and I can tell you I have some fun duzzies to share but it will be more fun to hear from you. I don't want to spoil your ride but if you take this challenge, I'll bet you'll discover what I did.
That you never realized how often you were saying “no” to things that really make you happy because you were saying “yes” to the wrong things. 
Please email me some examples and I would love to share them with my readership. No Ka Oi! (Your the Best!) Until next week! Just say YES!
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