What the hell is a Team of Neemey's? Read On!

What the hell is a Team of Neemey's? Read On!

What the hell is a Team of Neemey's? Read On!

A Team of Neemey's? What???

After a few years of selling for Xerox I got the bright idea that I wanted to be a Sales Manager. We called them Sales Manglers back then but I digress.

Xerox was smart and knew that most people aren't cut out to manage. So as a test they made you a team leader. This meant that I had 5 sniveling sales reps reporting to me and I reported to the real manager.

I had to manage all of the headaches plus my own territory while the manager got all the commission on the sales. Who wouldn't volunteer for this ride?

Being new to the San Francisco office I was rewarded with all the new hires. What fun!

I had 4 women and one recent immigrant from the Ukraine, Greg Neemey. Before I tell you the wonderful story of Greg I just need to say that this was the early 80's and the 3 martini lunch was yet to be frowned upon!

Just thinking about Greg and his non English speaking wife Katrina brings a tear to my eye. Greg only had one suit but he arrived every day looking like he just stepped from the tailor. Katrina would bring him lunch everyday and the 3 of us would sit at my desk and help Katrina with her non-existent English. I cherish these memories. I won't bore you with the all the details but let me just say that the 4 gals were pitiful at selling and Greg made The Little Engine that Could look like a tricycle. 

So when my frustration and exasperation reached a feverish pitch (OFTEN) I would scream, "Why can't I have a Team of Neemey's?"

After this experience I declared that if I wanted to be a manager I would have 5 kids instead.

Nice story Carol Ann but what is your point? Thank you for asking. Last week I saw a 60 Minutes piece on the Griffin Twins who made a pack at 8 years old to be a team and stay together no matter what. It's a beautiful story and you can watch it all here: 

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