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What will you be remembered for?

Carol Tenwalde

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the past....

and recently I heard another one of those stories about someone's grandchild that didn't get a job because of something stupid they posted on the Internet years ago. It made me thank God there wasn't the Internet when I was in high school. How many times can you get busted at keg parties when you're 16 and still get into college?

So I had a great chuckle when I read this story about Neanderthal clam diggers. Talk about busted! Here's the gist:

In 1949, Archeologist pulled 171 clamshells and 49 pumice stones out of a seaside cave near Naples, Italy. The assemblage predated the arrival of Homo sapiens in Western Europe, but the materials had clearly been worked by a human hand. That left only one suspect: Neanderthals.

I'm not a Neanderthal expert but Neanderthals vacationing off the shores of Italy in the Winter and diving for clams 10,000 years ago is just TMI if you ask me. Oh, but wait there is more. They also know they suffered from Swimmer's Ear. Thus proving that they dove for the clams and not just scooped them up off the sea bottom. If you think I am making this up you can read the full report HERE.

So the next time you wonder if you (or your family) should post something questionable on the Internet I hope you will recall this story. 

This isn't exactly Neanderthal Jewelry but the pendant is an Indian carved bone that I  bedazzled. It reminds me of Spring. Like?


Let's chat soon,


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