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What would you do? Starve or Adapt????

Carol Tenwalde

I'm still in Ohio and noodling around the Internet I find this interesting article about Michelangelo. Did you know that his servants were illiterate? So when they needed to go to the market he would draw the items he needed. Dare I say Brilliant??? Here is a picture of one of his grocery list.

When I mentioned it to a friend, she said if she were in this situation she would starve as she said she can't draw. I'm like - come on. Let's start with an apple. She refused. Can you imagine? Not to be out done, I came across this AMAZING Interactive Video. I'll bet you'll start signing your grocery list Michelangelo!!!

Just click: Start with a Stick Man! So fun and you can do it over and over again.

Home soon! Yippee!

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