What's in a Name? Open if you need a Giggle!

What's in a Name? Open if you need a Giggle!

What's in a Name? Open if you need a Giggle!

Growing up in a small town named.....

Ottawa you'd get tired of explaining you don't have a Canadian accent because I don't live in Canada. It's Ohio Stupid! So when we moved to Serenity I expected more of the same but not an eye was batted. So I cracked up when I saw this article about the 5 funniest town names in the US. Here they are:

5. Two Egg, Florida
  Intercourse, Pennsylvania
3.  Humptulips, Washington
2.  Hell, Michigan
1.  Boogertown, North Carolina

You can read how these towns earned their name by clicking HERE. I hope you will check out the Two Egg story because in the 50s everyone called Ottawa, Rotten Eggs because of the awful sulphur smell coming from the Sugar Beet Factory but that's another story!

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