When a Cake Needs a Shrink!

When a Cake Needs a Shrink!

When a Cake Needs a Shrink!

My Grandmother and my Mom adored Betty Crocker. I can still remember baking my first Chocolate Cake when I was 8. When Mom or I screwed up a recipe my Dad would always say: You're No Betty Crocker!

I always assumed she was invented because back in the late 40s and 50s women did all the cooking but that's not it at all. General Mills had only men working for their company except for secretaries (of course) so they cooked up the name Betty Crocker because they thought woman would feel more comfortable speaking to a woman about cooking and baking. 


Betty Through the Ages

The original cake mixes were made with powdered eggs and milk so all you had to do was add water. Initially, sales were through the roof  until Pillsbury came on the scene. Instead of thinking that the sales were sinking due to new competition General Mills consulted a psychologist for the answer.  He determined that the women felt guilty and self-indulgent when they relied on these simple cake mixes. He proposed tasking home cooks with providing their own eggs, so they could feel like they’d contributed to the final dish. Thus Betty Crocker omitted the powdered eggs from their recipes, heralding the change with the slogan, “Add an egg.” Sales figures began to soar once again — although Something from the Oven: Reinventing Dinner in 1950s America author Laura Shapiro is wary of giving the shrink too much credit for the sales spike. She notes that cakes made with fresh eggs also tend to have a better texture and taste.  So now you know the rest of the story.

Do you have a Betty Crocker Memory or Story to share?


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