When a Girl Named Fooch came to Town....

When a Girl Named Fooch came to Town....

When a Girl Named Fooch came to Town....

She was the most exotic creature I had ever seen.

I assure you this is not going where you think. I soooo promise.

When I was 9 the Fuciu's moved next door. I had never seen an Italian before let alone an entire family of them. They had a girl my age named Denise. I was mesmerized by her. She was very small and compact with raging long raven black hair. We had nothing and I mean nothing in common except we both had very strict parents.

Denise, later named The Fooch, and I had to be friends because we were the only girls in the neighborhood. Despite her parent's discipline Denise was a Hellion and I was her perfect side kick. I never said no to any of her adventures. Fooch was so clever but I was the resourceful one. How we both made it to High School is beyond me.

Now is the time for a chorus from "Annie Get Your Gun" Anything I could do Fooch could do better.

Fooch and here entire family were amazing water skiers. Sadly, I couldn't swim. I told her it was because I had heavy bones but Fooch wouldn't take no for an answer.

Every weekend we would go to the river to ski. The Fuciu's with their slim bodies skiing and doing water trick with Carol Ann with her life preserver vest that made me look like the Michelin Man.

I am sure I looked like a buoy bobbing around waiting to be picked up by the boat from another failed attempt at skiing. 

This not so pleasant memory made me smile when I saw this amazing video called: Just Dance: Sink or Swim
The first words of the video talks about how she was a terrible swimmer! This beautiful video is meant to help bring awareness to Mental Health. I hope you enjoy it. The Video

Thinking of Fooch and Water Skiing today is another skiing buddy Sandy's Birthday. I made this soothing colored necklace for her. Happy Birthday Dear Friend.

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