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When is Intolerance Funny?

Carol Tenwalde

I consider myself a tolerant person but....

then I know of one area I am really, really intolerant and that is when it comes to food. I believe that if it isn't going to kill you you should just shut up and eat it. I once broke up with a guy because he didn't like the taste of mushrooms. Are you kidding me? Hit the road. If I have to blame someone, it would be my sister who decided at an early age she wouldn't eat onions. Not cooking with onions for a Midwesterner is like not putting milk on cereal. She would deconstruct my meatloaf and decorate her plate with every bit of onion in her piece. ARGHHH!  Note: Today she is a fabulous cook but I digress!
Then there were the Holiday food wars. My mother and I love brussels sprouts and my father and brother hated them. Well, since mom and I did the cooking, we always had sprouts to the groans of half the table. BTW If you're a reasonable person and love brussels sprouts you have to watch this video: Sprouts

Then I saw this article about how in the 50's sensitivity to bitterness was thought to be genetic and used for paternity tests. This really spoke to me because there is a standing joke in our family that my brother was really switched at birth but that is a whole other story.

It turns out that the culprit is a compound called phenylthiocarbamide (PTC). Certain people do have a very low tolerance for it and that its presence makes for a very bitter sensation in your mouth. The study goes on to say that people that have this sensitivity have an excessive amount of taste buds on their tongue and therefore might be destine for a very high paying job as a Super Taster in the food industry. Who KNEW!  Me? I am just a gal that loves sprouts. Country Western Song maybe? Oh, forgot to mention that using PTC as a paternity marker was debunked but not until the 90's. Oops!

So in keeping with the taste bud theme, I made this necklace. Does it remind you of the bumps on your tongue?

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