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When is Vanity Admirable?

Carol Tenwalde

I am still in Ohio with my Mom and although it has been rough sledding for us with humor in VERY short supply, I had to share this giggle with you. Announcing a unique "Twist" on last months solar eclipse.

The day of the eclipse Mom was released from the hospital and I was returning her back to her nursing facility right as the eclipse was happening. So we pull up and I go to help Mom get out of the car and she says she is not budging! What??? I am not getting out without putting on make up she declares. OMG Mom Why???

She thought they were waiting for her! We settled for lipstick! At 88 she is entitled to be vain!

I wrote this several weeks ago and Momma Bear has since passed away. If you would like to know a bit more about this wonderful women you can see her obituary HERE.

Home soon! 


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