Who are you calling a Bug Eater? A Sense of Humor is Required!

Who are you calling a Bug Eater? A Sense of Humor is Required!

Who are you calling a Bug Eater? A Sense of Humor is Required!

Happy Bugsgiving? What? This is not a typo...

But first I need to set the stage. My paternal grandfather was peculiar. He wasn't mean per se but he didn't care much for children and those he tolerated he felt were spoiled rotten. He would be right considering how he grew up in the late 1800s.

He took pleasure in scaring my brother and me. When we were bad he threatened to put us in the night crawler box and lock the lid etc. You get the picture. On Thanksgiving and Christmas he told us his favorite childhood dessert was katydid fruitcake. Needless to say we wouldn't touch fruitcake no matter how assured we were it didn't have bugs in it.

My grandmother would tell us to not listen to that old coot he is just funning with ya.. Well not so fast. Yesterday I find this article about Bugsgiving, a ten-course banquet in which insects serve as the primary protein, took place in Brooklyn, during the Brooklyn Bugs Festival. Sure enough they mentioned katydid fruitcake. You can read the full article HERE but I just have to show you some of my favorite pictures.

Lotus chips with scorpions

Elote corn salad with maguey worms

Cranberry-and-cockroach relish - Just in Time for Thanksgiving!
 I would never eat a bug say you. But here is the really scary part. 

If you eat figs, then you’ve eaten bugs. Figs are pollinated by fig wasps, which lay their eggs inside the fruit. Then the eggs hatch. The young wasps make their way out and find other figs to burrow into, but the mother wasp remains. And dies. In the fig you eat. You’re most likely already an insect eater. Why not explore a wider range of edible bugs?

 Oh dear, I love figs! Have a lovely Thanksgiving with or without bugs!

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