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Who is going to believe me now?


I never consider myself a shiny object chaser....

but now I think I need to reconsider. But while I was reconsidering, I stumbled onto something even more disturbing. (Not for You but for Me!) In my last blog, I mentioned that I ordered sari ribbon not because I needed it but because I have issues with using things up. All weekend, I have been creating and designing new necklaces using sari. Lot's of fun! I had just finished a really wild piece (Wild For Me!) when I get this blog post about Dsquared2 2016 Collection. I had never heard of Dsquared. Have you? This picture floats by:


So what's the big deal? Well, I just finished making a necklace that is VERY similar and I think to myself no one is going to believe that didn't copy this idea. We all know I have copied lots of Chanel designs and I never tried to hide it. But it's kind of like lying. ย Once you're caught lying anything you say is suspect. Enough with the suspense. ย Here is the necklace Dsquared2 knocked off!!!! Believe it or not!


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