Who says Scars can't be Beautiful?

Who says Scars can't be Beautiful?

Who says Scars can't be Beautiful?

With so much negativity swirling around....

I thought I would share some beauty with you. When I was 10 or 11 years old I asked my grandmother how she survived the Depression and she said it was so bad that you didn't have time to worry or complain about stupid stuff. This has always stayed with me but I kind of up the anti with my own expression. When woman  (me too) complain about ridiculous stuff like I only have one dishwasher, I call it White Women's Blues!

With all the negative talk about climate change, green energy and the world ending in 12 years I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the World's Most Beautifully Broken Places proving that not all bad ends up being bad in the end. (Click pic for all) 

Around the globe, the land still bears the scars of the long-ago past. Retreating glaciers carved caves and ravines in their wakes. Landslides spawned tapestries of pits and peaks. Wind and rain continue to nibble at rocks, sculpting strange geological formations and causing large chunks of the ground to buckle and bend. These 17 places show that some of the planet’s most blemished areas are also its most beautiful.

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Here are just a few of my latest designs:



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