Whoa! This Selfie Went OFF the Rails!!!!

Whoa! This Selfie Went OFF the Rails!!!!

Whoa! This Selfie Went OFF the Rails!!!!

OK It's not exactly a Selfie but it's an amazing little known story.

Let's not split hairs about the selfie part but in 1931 Harriet Warren took this picture of her toddler son Johnny.

Imagine her surprise a few months later when she was flipping through Life Magazine and saw this picture labeled "BABY HITLER".

Notice the hat is replaced with greasy hair and cherubic features made sinister. Apparently, an unknown anti-Hitler hoaxer calculated that if you want to tweak a thin-skinned fascist, one way to do it would be to spread a fake ugly baby photo of him far and wide. And it worked. Hitler went NUTS! Was this an early FAKE NEWS Story? If you would like to read more about this historical factotum click HERE.

Sadly, Johnny died at 8 from a bicycle accident but I would love to be able to talk to him today to learn how being the picture of  enfant terrible affected his life.

Alright I have made a few things.  Would love your feedback!

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