When There Is No Gray Wiggle Room!

When There Is No Gray Wiggle Room!

When There Is No Gray Wiggle Room!

Last week I asked for your opinion....

on a new technique I designed marrying the Twisted Sister with Sari Ribbon. Well, the verdict is in - sort of.  You either loved it:

  • Interesting new twist. HA!
  • Love, Love, Love the color.
  • Make more!
  • What a way to spice up a dull outfit.
  • Now we're talking a Statement!
  • Your creativity is singing! (Fav!)

To Hating It:

  • Bleck!
  • I don't get it.
  • Over the top UGLY!
  • Might go over in India.
  • Too much Ribbon! I don't want to look like a badly decorated Christmas Tree. (Fav!)

So I guess it is conclusive??????

Here are two of the designs in question again.


Back to the drawing board and thanks for taking the time to respond.
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Let’s chat soon,


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  • Judy Kerperien: September 16, 2016

    I love the marriage of the two styles on the first. It has the perfect balance of the new and the older method. The bottom is just two busy Shorten the back strings and lose the two side flowers. Just my thoughts

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