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Will You Be My Muse?

Carol Tenwalde

I always thought I knew what a muse was until I read this article about the difference between an artist's model and a muse. The short definition is that a model just poses and the artist tells them what to do, where as a muse meets the artist halfway. I further love the explanation that a true portrait is a handshake between the painter and the model. I hope you will take a few minutes to read the full article HERE.

Having just seen the Klimt exhibit in Phoenix, it was fascinating to know his muse was a fashion designer and his models wore her designs or that Sue Tilley spent 9 months and over 5 years posing for just 4 portraits for full figured women. These portraits are now selling for tens of millions of dollars. Yikes!

So, I was feeling I too needed a muse and then out of the blue I got a commission to design a brooch pin for a large Real Estate Co. on the East Coast. I'll keep you posted! Note: They even have their colors named after them. Oh My!

New Pieces! Treat Yourself! Click Pic for more detail!


Let's Chat Soon,



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