Witches have always fascinated me!

Witches have always fascinated me!

Witches have always fascinated me!

I grew up with a maternal Grandpa, George, who convinced us he was a witch of sorts. Even at 5 years old I thought he was just trying to entertain me and a slew of other cousins. AKA Keep us quiet. My grandma hated noise and honestly we were a rowdy bunch. Every Sunday we would pour over to their house for Sunday dinner. (Noon! for those of you not from the Midwest!!!)

George would tell us he could make brooms whirl at square dances and other dance functions. I personally loved his stories and he would always end each one with just ask your parents. Sadly, I never asked my Mom about these fantastical stories because I was afraid she would make them end and they were so entertaining.

Thus every time I see a witchcraft story I'm smitten. So when I saw a story about witch cakes, I had to read further. Before I go on, did you know over 20 women lost their lives during the Salem witchcraft trials on bogus hysterical info. Shocking!

The story goes that when a women or child (Note: never a man) went off their rocker. Vapors? A local "expert was called" in to solve the problem. The solution was a witch cake. You made a spiked cake of the victims urine and flower and then feed it to a dog. Bingo Bango All is Well! First the Cake:

There is absolutely no history of this working but it was part of the Salem hysteria and was preceded by 17th Century Folklore in England and the Colonies. Click the pic if you want the whole story but I'm just wondering if years from today we're going to giggle on some absurd idea we all share? Just sayin!!

Love to know if any of you have witchcraft examples from your past?

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