Women's Ingenuity Goes a Bit TOO Far!

Women's Ingenuity Goes a Bit TOO Far!

Women's Ingenuity Goes a Bit TOO Far!

 I don't know about you but I love stories about turning negatives into positives....

This story doesn't end particularly well but it sure shows originality! The tale starts with a beautiful but very poor Austrian woman in the 1700s named Barbara Erni. Her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair earned her the nick name of "Golden Boo".  Her other remarkable attribute is that she had astounding strength. What to do? What to do to survive?

Barbara chooses to tramp through the European country side with a huge trunk slung across her back. (I'm sure this was your first choice too!)

When she would get to a fancy and expensive looking inn she would check in and when it was time to retire for the night she would tell the clerk of the inn that her trunk contained very expensive valuables and needed to be locked in a secure location.

The next morning Barbara was gone and so was the trunk and all the other valuables locked in the secure room. 

It turns out Barbara didn't have valuables in her trunk instead she had a male midget!

The ruse was horribly, laughably simple, but Barbara kept it up for nearly 15 years. It only fell apart when she became wealthy. In May 1784, the authorities finally apprehended Barbara and her short accomplice in the town of Eschen, in northern Liechtenstein, and moved them to a holding cell in the capital city. During a court trial, Barbara pled guilty to 17 separate burglaries. The two were sentenced to death by beheading, and on December 7, 1784, Barbara lost much more than her goldenrod locks. On that day, she earned the dubious superlative of being the last person to be executed in Liechtenstein until the country abolished its death penalty in 1987.

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