You're welcome to copy this great idea!

You're welcome to copy this great idea!

You're welcome to copy this great idea!

Back in the day, I was always looking for interesting new party ideas....


So much so that after many years of living together my Significant Other (Do you believe we used that stupid phrase?) and I decided to get married as we needed a new party idea! Let's just say that was one of our better party ideas! But catch this one....

A friend of mine was invited to a significant Birthday Party and the theme was magic. Each guest was asked to do a magic trick and many of them brought down the house with laughter from the mishaps. Fortunately no one tried the shooting of the apple off their spouses head!

Then during dinner a real magician preformed what I was told were some astounding magic tricks. As dinner was winding down everyone thought the entertainment was over until the waiters brought out dessert. Each table was presented with a Peach Pie. It started and ended looking like this:

Then each waiter flipped the dessert onto a platter and then it looked like this:

How did the sauce get into the ramekin? Magic???

To find out you will just have to make this Ohio Peach Puzzler Dessert! Click Here for the recipe! Please let me know if you make it and be sure to use fresh peaches!!

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There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

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