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You Could Ruin Ice Cream!!!!

Carol Tenwalde

Now that's just not nice....

A few weeks back I asked you for your opinion on the marriage of a couple of my jewelry techniques. I thought I handled the negative comments quite well. I actually giggled at the Bleck comment and laughed out loud at "I don't want to look like a badly decorated Christmas Tree". So not to be out done I kept at it and came up with a brooch design I really liked. I showed it to a friend who shall remain nameless as many of you know her. (Don't worry she is not seeing this post.) Her comment RUINED it for me. Being the mature person I am I told her she could ruin ice cream on a hot day. Here is my creation.

She said it looks like a Smashed Tarantula!!! Sorry to my dear friend that got it as a birthday gift. :-( What Say YOU!!!!

Being in a SOUR Mood I thought you might enjoy this article on:Β 39 Ways to Reuse Pickle Juice. Click HERE.

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