You think you're so clever???

You think you're so clever???

You think you're so clever???

I don't know about things near where you live ....

but here in Arizona once Covid hit restaurants and bars took creativity to the max. Especially in a town called Cave Creek. You know how I love creativity! This town is quirky on steroids.  Too the casual observer it is a biker/cowboy bar town. So you can imagine how all hell broke loose when our governor said all bars that don't sell food must close. This is where the creativity came in. These horse pucky bars rented food trucks, hired Uber drivers to go to nearby restaurants to pick up food. It was wild! My favorite was one enterprising young chef started catering to nearby bars out of his apartment and when the apartment next door became available he took that over too.

So it tickled me to learn that this has all been done before. Before Prohibition in the late 1800s New York wanted to cut down/out drinking. (Good Luck!) So they passed The Raines Law which said many things but the net was that you had to serve food with every drink sold. This begot the Rainse Sandwich. It started out looking like this:

How yummy! What they did was they would just recycle a few sandwiches until they smelled so bad.... It was described as: “an old desiccated ruin of dust-laden bread and mummified ham or cheese,” wrote the playwright Eugene O’Neill. 

But then someone got the idea to make it out of RUBBER! Now that is creative, I think!  If you would like to read the full story just click the Tasty Sandwich Pic above!

I don't have any rubber necklace to show you but I am working on a new design I hope to share with you next week.

I do have two recommendations though: Hysterical series on Netflix, Life in Pieces and the book 8 Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson. 

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

Be Safe and Let's Chat Soon,


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