In the making Lemonade out of Lemons category!

In the making Lemonade out of Lemons category!

In the making Lemonade out of Lemons category!

My friends are throwing some shade on me...

During this Covid mess there seems to be two camps, those who are going wild in their kitchens making new dishes every night and the I'm sick of cooking camp. I am president of the latter camp. Back in the day when I loved to cook my hubby called me Princess Many Pots. (He did the cleanup!) Now I am Cardboard Carol.

So to my contrarian spirit, I particularly enjoyed this article about food rationing in Europe during WWII and how they took everyday ingredients to make mock entrees. Here are a few examples: Mock sausages (made with lentils), mock fish cakes (potato and bean croquettes with anchovy paste), and mock oyster soup (with artichokes in place of bivalves). You might recall my father's favorite pie was made from Ritz Crackers. Recipe HERE.

But I particularly enjoyed learning about bananas. Because refrigerated ships were needed for the war effort there was a complete ban on bananas. Did you ever wonder about the song, Yes, we have no bananas? (Click Pic)

So some genius came up with a recipe for smashed banana sandwiches made from PARSNIPS! At the end of the war there were thousands and thousands of children under 10 years old who never tasted a banana. 

It's been a busy week but not very productive I'm afraid. I did have time to make this new freshwater pearl beauty. Like?

There is no such thing as too much Bling!
Let's chat soon,


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